New Login Tour


To better protect your privacy, the SWAN login process is being improved. Just like many banks, the SWAN login is moving to a mutual authentication system.

The new login consists of you identifying yourself to the SWAN, whereupon the SWAN will then identify itself to you by means of a SWAN Key that you have configured. If the SWAN shows you the key you have chosen, you will then enter your password to login.

This tour will give you a preview of the new login process.

The HUB has prepared video tours. If you would prefer a video tour, select the appropriate video below.

The New Landing Page

Landing Page Image

When you access the SWAN the landing page will be different. Where there were username and password fields, there will only be a username field. At this step, you will enter your username and click the new "Sign In" button to continue.

Password Reset Sign-up

Password Reset Sign-up Part 1 Image

The new login process uses your Self Service Password Reset System (SSPRS) information as part of the authorization process. If you are not enrolled in SSPRS, the login process will walk you through enrollment.

The first step of enrolling in SSPRS is to verify some personal identifying information.

Choose Challenge and Response

Password Reset Sign-up Part 2 Image

The final step is choosing a security question and answer. You will use these to reset your password if you ever forget it. You will also use these to tell the SWAN that the web browser you are using is allowed to login.

Create Your SWAN Key

Create SWAN Key Image

After your username, entered on the landing page, has been validated, you will be asked to create your SWAN Key. You will only be asked to do this the first time you login via the new process.

Your SWAN Key consists of an image and an image title. To create your key, you will select an image and then give it a title of your choosing.

Validating Your Browser

Validate Browser Image

Subsequent logins, after having created a SWAN Key and logged out of the SWAN, will require you to tell the SWAN that it is okay to trust your web browser.

To inform the SWAN that your web browser is allowed to login, you will be asked to verify your SSPRS information. At this time, you can indicate whether or not you want the SWAN to remember this validation.

If the computer you are using is not your own, it is important that you choose "No."

Verify Your SWAN Key

Verify SWAN Key Image

Once your username has been validated, and the SWAN recognizes that your browser is allowed to login, you will be asked to verify your SWAN Key. If you recognize the image, and image title, shown, then you can safely enter your password and click the "Login" button.

If the image, and image title, shown are not what you chose, you should not enter your password. Instead, you should contact The HUB for more information.

Tour Complete

That completes the tour of the new SWAN login process. We hope this tour has answered any questions you might have had about the change. If not, please forward your questions to The HUB.